Internet Security

As we all know now a days Security is a big concern for all of us for Computer and Email Accounts. We understand this well and having a team of experts who will take care of all the security issues related to your computer or email account. We make sure that no one can misuse your secure data. We also take care of your PC from any Virus or malwares and will make sure you have best AntiVirus and Virus removal is installed on your PC.

We provide support for:

  • Support for Installing new software and other utilities.
  • Support for Installing and updating Drivers.
  • Deleting or Un-Installing unwanted or corrupted Software.
  • Setup and installation of peripheral on the computer system.
  • Set up of security for the installed files and the overall computer system.
  • Installing/Un-Installing Antivirus.
  • Customized screens or services that are most frequently used.
  • Blocking or disabling services and applications that are not required by the specific user.
  • Creation of multiple user accounts to maintain confidentiality and security for individual accounts.
  • Support for setting up your email on Outlook.
  • Configuring emails on outlook.
  • Support for Printers, Scanners and other Peripheral Devices.
  • Support for other Window related issues.
  • Support for all kind of Routers.
  • Support for Browsers and Popups.